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 What's Coming up at the Greene County Historical Society! As we prepare to open for the season, we have SEVERAL Exciting Events to look forward to! On April 15th, at 7PM on Zoom, Join us for the Next Installment of our Drop of History Lecture Series.  Matt Cumberledge from the Greene County Historical Society, Kathleen Thompson from Waynesburg University and Travis Duncan from GreeneArc will be discussing Mental Health in the 19th Century and the role treatment and care for the mentally ill played at the Greene County Almshouse.  This should be a very informative presentation that will deliver a lot of new material related to the Almshouse, or County Home as it was later known, in Greene County. Follow the links below for more information and to register: Event Registration On April 24th, 2021, join us for our Virtual Opening Day and 5K.   We will be releasing fun and interesting videos throughout the day on Facebook, and the museum will be open for tours.   Also don't forget