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Remembering One of Our Own

Memorial Day is such a solemn holiday, a day specifically set aside for us to remember and think on the sacrifices of those brave men and women who gave the last full measure of devotion to a grateful nation. Today, thinking about up and coming projects at the Greene County Historical Society and work that will be commencing at the old County Cemetery on the Hill above the County Jail, I am reminded of Henry Younken.   Henry, is one of the hundreds of individuals buried in the County Home Cemetery and was once a resident of the building that the Greene County Historical Society Museum now calls home.  Though most of the graves in the cemetery are unmarked, Henry is one of two people who have actual stone markers at their graves. Henry was a veteran of the Civil War, and though he did not die in battle, on a day such as memorial day, he is a person definitely worth remembering and memorializing. Henry was born in 1845 to Charles and Nancy (Henry) Younken in Upper Turkeyfoot Township, So